Arborist Construction Observation Report – Local Agency

On Tuesday December 16, 2014 I met with M.B. Client and Jamaal at the trailhead to discuss protecting the existing native oaks while allowing ingress/egress of essential construction equipment needed to repair the water line break. We walked the first 500 hundred feet where vegetation was growing on each side of the trail.

Looking west at covered steps at the San Miguel Ct. Trailhead. This is the ingress route for some construction equipment.

I told them it would probably be possible to get equipment in with little or no damage. We agreed that would come back and talk to the contractor when the time came to bring in the small track vehicles and skip loaders that were too heavy for the parks bridge. That operation was scheduled for Thursday December 18, 2014.

On the 18th I met with H. Hat the contractors’ superintendent who was supervising the ingress of equipment through the trailhead. We walked the first 500 feet of trail and looked at all the plants especially the oaks. A few might need to be held back either by hand or with a rope.

Two hours later I returned to examine the oaks along the trail. None of the oaks had any damage to trunks or branches. The conditions can be seen in the following photographs.

Looking south at 5’ of slide material under oak trees
Looking south at oak trees after slide material removed.
Looking west at covered steps at the San Miguel Ct. Trailhead.

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