Tree Permit for Remodel Thousand Oaks

The new owners of 1 Oak Court (M. Client and B. Client) wish to remodel their single family dwelling by adding 766 square feet to the existing 1933. The proposed remodel will encroach slightly into the protected zone of one coast live oak growing on the adjacent lot at 2 Oak Court.

The owners believe this reasonable and conforming use of the property justifies the encroachment into the protected zone of this oak tree. Guided by the City’s protection ordinance and working with their architect, the owners have made every effort to comply with the four design constraints listed on page 13 of the guidelines.

The owners of both lots have agreed to cooperate in seeking a permit.

Encroachment into the protected zone should be at about 2% and cause no long-term problems. Pruning to create clearance around the new roof will be minor involving only small branches and less than 5 % of the canopy.

While the impact from construction will be minor and should not contribute to the decline of the tree, I have concerns about some of the conditions around the tree. The tree has suffered some canopy wide small twig dieback in the last few years. That dieback might be associated with drought stress and opportunistic insects that have since moved on.

The City of Thousand Oaks requires specific information to assist in their decision process. That information is shown in the Tree Evaluation Form in Appendix B.

A close up of a crossing branch in the center of the canopy.
Key Note: I recommend removing a 1” crossing branch originating near the center of the canopy.
looking east at oak tree #1
Spatial Study Plan View

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